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A seed can be planted anywhere. Optimism grows even in the cold metallic alien base.


In the year 1993, the project at [redacted] involving water-based life simulation was greenlit, changing the course of artificial intelligence forever...

Datapool Surface

Blip on May 16, 2022 at 09:03 PM
Purple Belugy the purple belugy
I cannot affirm that The First Cell will certainly release this month due to other work I've been doing lately. But don't worry, I did get that one bug fixed. PEOPLE WANTIN SHINY GAMES B LIKE
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About Razorback

The website you see here is meant to show that a better internet is possible, one where you can fly across pages from just about any browser you can think of. You can make a website like this yourself, too! You'd be surprised at how easy it is to crush social media. With some HTML (version 3/loose 4 preferrably) knowledge and a server at some place, you can publish your mind exactly how you want to, complete with fancy formatting and a total absence of character/image limits. Combined with the power of RSS, you'll have your way out of that dumpster fire they told you to join!

Razorback is not a one-off project that simply lets you giggle about how you're browsing the web in Windows 3.1 in 2020, 2022, or whenever. This is an ongoing thing that represents the forgotten heroes of the internet, the hobbyists who hand-coded their sites to convey their passion for the niches they stuck to. All too often, people forget that the internet can truly be anyone's place; you have the power to create your own realm and establish a landmark for all to witness. These landmarks collectively give the internet the meaning it was always meant to have, undominated by any single entity.

Do not fear total creativity. Others will tell you to stick to very flat user interfaces with strange pastel-ish clay colors, but don't let the pressure get to you. Chromatic contrast and 3D objects are beautiful things, and are much easier to navigate from an objective standpoint. Currently, this site's design is pretty minimalistic like so many others, but in a way where it's mindful of 256 color display adapters. Trust me... someone out there is still using one to this day. I do hope to make it look more intuitive while remaining as lightweight as it is now, so... just when the time comes!

But Razorback is not simply a website. This isn't just all me putting out whatever I've got out there, it's the name of an effort to build a new infrastructure for old computers to thrive on, sort of like a digital appliance that supplements anyone's old computer whenever it is needed. Later on, other things I want to work on include a forum from scratch, maybe a telnet BBS, and hopefully some larger-scale programming project in the long run. All plans are subject to change, as this website was enough work as it is. Either way, I'm determined to do everything I can to bring new life to a 200MHz computer.

Razorback does not use any client-side scripts, nor does it ever use cookies. These factors help keep Razorback lightweight and much safer than the bulk of all these other websites that are so chock full of scripts that they'll give you the impression your bandwidth hasn't improved at all in the last 15 years.

Don't forget to check out the affiliate links for more websites you can visit from your old browsers! (On another note, if you tried to reach such a site but ended up here, this is why...)

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I've spared you from the extra effort of "CLICKING TO ENTER", but you could imagine walking into this website would be something like what's depicted in the video below.

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