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Posting Guidelines

Razorback now provides the opportunity to directly and publicly interact with the garbage I write without the need for complicated scripting and interfaces, and without dumb robots trying to "sanitize" discussion in sketchy ways. Nonetheless, it is not a place where you can just do whatever you want without consequence. We have standards, and we expect them to be followed, not just here, but in general.

It all boils down to these few things:

  1. You must be 13 or older to post. NO EXCEPTIONS. This is for your own sake!
  2. Do not post spam or incoherent gibberish. The latter is often an indication that you are violating the first rule. (some of it may be accepted if it's, you know, deliberately satirical and funny, it depends)
  3. Harassment, bullying, and discrimination in any form will not be tolerated. Learning how to move on is a valuable skill.
  4. Do not post or link to any adult content, even SFW.
  5. Ban evasion permanently voids your case for an appeal.
  6. Respect the cooldown in between comments.
  7. give 5 money
  8. Lastly, read, and never take every little thing at face value... : )

Note that whenever you post a comment, your IP address will be recorded (but not shown) alongside your post. This is largely to aid in moderation, but I do what I can to avoid overreaching; the data stored in comment records is kept to a bare minimum.

If you want your comment deleted, contact me. (Side note 12/7/2022: I am but one guy who takes charge of this, so if you find yourself sporadically making tons of deletion requests, you really ought to either start thinking your comments through or don't post at all)

The rules are subject to change as discussions on the site evolve. Good luck walking on those eggshells, you're gonna need it!

How to Formatting!

You can spice up your comments in a couple of ways. The first is with a couple of BBCode tags available to use. If you want bold text, you surround it with the [b] and [/b] tags. So, if you write:

Be careful! Some websites are nothing more than [b]pointers to one's social media outlets...[/b]

You get:

Be careful! Some websites are nothing more than pointers to one's social media outlets...

For italic text, it is much the same, except using the [i] [/i] tags. You can combine the two, but you should properly nest your tags.

  • IMPROPER: [b][i]I am an idiot[/b][/i]
  • PROPER: [b][i]I am intelligent[/i][/b]

Most browsers seem to be all fine with broken nesting, but you absolutely should get into the habit of properly nesting your tags, as it is a simple, yet vital design principle in the creation of HTML websites.

Incomplete BBcode tags (i.e. a loose opening or closing tag) will not be formatted, leaving your comment with the equivalent of having hair and crumbs on the table. Be careful!

You can also take from a selection of emoticons available on this site. The list will grow as more images are warranted. To use one, you take its name and surround it with colons. For example:


returns :bugfix_delight:

Here's the current list of emoticons you can use:


Check back from time to time for more emoticons!