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The End of 240P POLITICS

December 7, 2020 at 12:15 PM
Category: Aquatic

240P POLITICS opening card

240P POLITICS, everyone's favorite political news show, is drawing to a close soon. It doesn't have so much to do with viewership dwindling as it does with the empire basically showing signs of crumbling.

Basifuk's notorious computer virus DEATH IBEX has infiltrated nearly every corner of the world, and soon it may very well be at that point where it can prove whether the Eternal King of Soy really exists or not. Some questions still remain unanswered: what even are the Eternal King of Soy's true goals, or rather those of the cult surrounding it? Where did Basifuk come from? Why did DEATH IBEX continue to persist as far as 2016? Soon, we may have some answers...

Not much is known about the conflict between the Maroon Whales and the Tribute to the Eternal King of Soy, and most insight into it has only been provided through Basifuk's video tapes and Samson McLarson's online broadcasts. Some of the things we do know about them are as follows:

One regular activity of the Tribute to the Eternal King of Soy is whaling. In this case, rather than being an outdated tradition of feeding entire towns, it seems to be more of something done purely for political warfare. Obviously, the Maroon Whales are going to hold it to their hearts that cetacean populations need to thrive, and the continued acts of whaling is partially done to demoralize them, and eventually make them vulnerable to potential extinction even as they hide away in Challenger Deep.

It's not like Death Ibex isn't without equal opposition. The Tribute to the Eternal King of Soy has developed ways of tranquilizing the virus in individuals and large regions. Death Ibex appears to be incredibly fragile, as powerful as it is; something as simple as a high concentration of boat motors flooding the ocean with vibrations is enough to impair any instance of Death Ibex, and often destroy it outright. Do know that Death Ibex is the first of its kind to spread through both computer networks and organisms, and was largely developed by a single programmer over the course of 13 years, so it is actually quite weak in some ways... but it does set a terrifying precedent.

As for 240p Politics, a new batch of news segments will be rolling out at the start of next year. These primarily focus on the revival of 240p Politics from 2006 to 2009. Thanks to the internet becoming more widespread, the Tribute to the Eternal King of Soy is gaining larger numbers than ever before, but there is a chance it may soon collapse. The Maroon Whales have formed alliances with many great friends, aquatic and otherwise, but none so powerful as a quite unusual yet inconspicuous thing...

Why I'm Ending the Show

240p Politics was created in a time when I was only really starting to get a grip on politics, and didn't know where I wanted to be. I had some understanding of various political issues well before the 2016 election, but didn't really know how anything worked - partly because it's always been so boring, strenuous, and out of touch with people like you.

The whole thing started one night in my mind when I was trying to go to bed. A big opening card much like what is seen in every political news broadcast popped up, and so did yet more ideas related to it. I couldn't sleep because of how much I was laughing at the idea, and so I ended up staying up longer to work on it a bit, and then some more the next day.

From the beginning, I felt it was way out of place from what I usually did, but so were a number of other things. On short notice, it became an ironic hit among many, especially as something far more trustworthy than anything shown on real television.

While 240p Politics doesn't directly reference real life figures, there is one misfortune that has often made me feel like I don't want to bother touching on the conflict between the Maroon Whales and the Tribute to the Eternal King of Soy, and it boils down to the main ingredient: soy.

Contrary to what one might assume, the involvement of soy in this conflict has nothing to do with all the pretentious controversy surrounding soy lately. To this day I still don't understand what it all is, supposedly everyone's complaining about testosterone levels being reduced in men? Whatever it is, it's probably a case of fragile egos whining about how their precious fantasy of a civilization is collapsing... all I know is that anyone unironically using the term "soyboy" is probably the type that wastes their life being so fucking slanderous and pretending that typing up such hurtful messages behind the computer is saving their glorious nation.

Actually, that's kind of the same reason why it can be fun to make more 240p Politics segments when I do, because this thing everyone's getting so worked up about is so stupid and miniscule compared to real issues that are screwing over as much as the entire human population. Whatever the case may be, I came up with the idea of having Basifuk's opposition being something named after soy from something else that nobody would really know about.

I typed up a script for a Basifuk video on a road trip to a relative's house in August 2016. The video itself was ultimately scrapped due to certain production troubles, but many of its ideas would carry over to what eventually became Basifuk 3 & internets. I got the whole "soy" thing from a little thing that happened one day at school, this was either 2008 or 2009.

Watch video: Basifuk 3 and internets

During lunch, this one kid I was sitting next to complained about how the peanut butter in his sandwich was actually soy butter. I imagine he really meant there was something else wrong with the sandwich, but he kept calling it soy butter, and somehow, that among many other oddities stuck in my memory, including mentions of hamburgers containing whale blubber. Of all things, soy just happened to be the first thing I drew from the haystack when I was typing up the script on my laptop. It was random, it seemed as arbitrary as it is, and so that's what I used.

As for Basifuk himself, his name comes from an AVGN episode covering game glitches, more specifically a corrupted ghost name in Pac-Man. With a profane name like that, I wanted to make the character something really twisted behind his casual usage of a computer. Even though Basifuk is a prominent proponent of the Maroon Whales, he's also with many evils of his own. After all, his virus did cause devastating collateral damage to many structures and machines, and even fucked up some entire ecosystems.

This is not the end of the lore; if anything, I'm only getting started. In the future, I wish to develop it more through other means instead, as I am getting tired of trying to put very minor spins on the same format over and over again. The last 240p Politics segment will air on January 20th, so do stay on watch for the final batch on the official channel. Following this, all 240p Politics segments will be available to download as Cinepak AVIs on the FTP server. Thank you for a great four years of soy!

Video collection: Watch 240P POLITICS on Razorback


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