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Bigeye #15: Am5x86 and 3D Acceleration

Created on June 13, 2020
Indexed on September 04, 2022 at 02:47 PM

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Yes, even 486 loyalists can make use of teh Voodoo2 with a PCI board handy! Given how badly the 486 is crippled by Quake, this thing does a damn fine job giving it the extra frame rate it sorely needs to become playable.

The 4SAW2 comes with a number of attractive qualities: PS/2 mouse support, a VLB slot alongside four PCI slots, four SIMM slots, and, with a BIOS update, support for CD-ROM booting and 128GB hard drives!

Is it the best 486 motherboard ever made? Maybe, but it has that leaky NiMH RTC battery by default. The Asus PVI-486SP3 would be a serious contender, being more reliable in certain circumstances and having many of the same features along with a CR2032 battery instead.

I'm not too much into 486-era software, but that's why I love 486 PCI motherboards so much. Paired with an overclocked Am5x86, they provide relatively fast working environments while still being a part of the really old days of computing.

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