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Windows 95C Automated Network Setup Voodoo4 Voodoo5 Quake III 1v1

Created on August 09, 2019
Indexed on December 22, 2022 at 04:13 PM

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This run being executed on Pentium 3 and 4 computers further improves on the approach from the Windows 95B install.

Not only does a Linux shell script take care of partitioning, the left computer downloads all the required setup files using Linux, and Windows 95 works with them on the local hard disk rather than relying on a network share. It may seem slower at first, but as it pulls ahead of the right computer using a network share, you'll clearly see Linux is much faster with networking than Windows 95.

Still, Windows 95's capabilities of being rapidly deployed to any computer with some much needed updates applied like the fast CPU patch are really impressive. Just in time for a very important meeting, it loads all the required drivers and the exact software to be used, and operates without a hiccup. See, Windows 95 is a reliable operating system, you just set up something incorrectly!

This was the last of the classic PC movies. What started as a very spontaneous idea became a pivotal point for the future of this operation; shortly after recording this, I backported some system files from an early Memphis build to see if I could get gradient title bars working there, which was shockingly successful. From here, I began programming a new version of Hierma, and consolidated my Windows 95 setup experimentation into Windows 95D, which would later evolve into Windows 95D Lite. I haven't looked back much to Windows 98 since.

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