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Builiding a Dual Pentium III Server Running Windows NT 4.0

Created on August 21, 2021
Indexed on December 30, 2022 at 02:28 AM

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Since I started meddling with classic Windows NT back in 2014, I've moved between running a domain controller on a virtual machine and a real one.

Particular connectivity issues I've been having with a virtual machine running Windows 2000 Server residing on a Linux host now prompt me to put one of my dual Slot 1 motherboards (Asus P2B-DS) to good use, and I figured I may as well document the whole process on video. This is the first part of the installation.

Originally, this was going to be a dual Pentium II 400MHz build, but changed midway into a dual Pentium III 800MHz build because the server was running quite a bit too hot for my liking. Coppermine CPUs have a lower TDP rating than fast Pentium II CPUs up to a certain speed, and modern thermal paste should be of help as well. 440BX motherboards must be a late enough revision to be able to work with Coppermine CPUs; revision 1.06 of the Asus P2B-DS has that support for their lower voltages.


Some months after putting this together, I went back to running Windows 2000 in a virtual machine to act as the domain controller, this time making use of VLAN functionality embedded in a network switch (configured using a web interface). Combined with another server running modern Linux that handles most of the other things, that pretty much solved all the problems I was having earlier with Windows NT domains and getting stuff moved over from computer to computer, whether old or new.

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