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Setting Up PXE on Windows NT Server 4.0 for a Windows 95D Lite Network Installation

Created on August 23, 2021
Indexed on December 30, 2022 at 04:22 AM

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Following the server move, I figured now would be a good time to reconstruct the entire PXE server configuration from scratch, which I had been using to install many different versions of Windows over the network.

Thanks to a program I've written, it's now possible to create a much more efficient setup that doesn't require maintaining so many different floppy images for each operating system; now, my program can help with selecting the right driver, so both 3Com and Intel PCI network card drivers can reside on the same floppy disk. This program is still not fully fleshed out, but is much cleaner than having a clumsy setup involving PUTINENV and INITOOL, two separate programs. You can get Infsect here.

Much of this video depicts preparing the server and programming a batch script for PXE clients booting into a floppy image, including some errors encountered along the way. So far, all that's configured is a routine to initiate Windows 95D Lite Setup over the network. This was a very quick and dirty configuration, but I want to try creating some kind of OS selection menu to be used from MS-DOS itself later on.

This was originally edited using build 5b7255b8 of Olive 0.2 on Linux, and was recently reformatted to a 4:3 screen with build af76fbf0.

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